Welcome to the E-Tree

If you are new to the E-Tree system, please take a moment to read the information below before sending a message.

The E-Tree is a mailing list of Santa Barbara CAMFT members that appreciate sending and receiving e-mail messages on a wide variety of professional topics. It is available to all members.

Rules for Using the E-Tree

We regulate the use of the e-tree system for quality assurance and to ensure that it remains a valued member benefit.

1.) You must be a current (non-lapsed) member of Santa Barbara CAMFT. If your are not a member, or if your membership is not current, please visit our website to join or renew: http://www.sbcamft.org/member-application

2.) You must submit e-tree requests from an email account associated with your Santa Barbara CAMFT membership profile. 

3.) We ask that you be considerate of e-tree subscribers’ incoming mail by not submitting the same message more than one time per week. Members may post notices without frequency restrictions to facebook.com/SBCAMFT

4.) You may only submit E-tree posts for yourself (and not for a non-member or an organization/agency, as E-tree use is a SBCAMFT Member benefit). 

Free, educational events designed to provide clinical enrichment or support may be permitted without active SBCAMFT membership status if they are determined to be clinically enriching to SBCAMFT members at the discretion of the E-tree Moderator. 

Don't meet the SBCAMFT Member requirement? Join our organization and enjoy access to E-tree and much more! Non-members or organizations/agencies interested in solely in advertising, please email communications@SBCAMFT.org for more information. 

5.) You may submit announcements regarding services, groups, presentations, etc. that YOU yourself are presenting and/or facilitating through an organization, i.e., therapeutic groups and/or trainings that you are providing directly at a specified organization or agency.

6.) Job openings are now allowable, as these benefit the membership.

We have a variety of cost effective advertising options at SB CAMFT that may include e-tree as well as online and newsletter coverage. For advertising information, please contact our Director of Sponsorship at: sponsorship@sbcamft.org


Tips and Considerations For Using the E-Tree

Message Subject Line: Be very specific in the subject line so that members can decide whether to open your message. Examples:

• Office to rent in Santa Barbara 

• Looking for consultant w/ expertise in gambling addiction 

• Seeking EMDR referral in Montecito 

• Opening new practice in Goleta 

• Announcing eating disorders group in Santa Barbara 

• Question regarding informed consent w/r client phone calls

Message Content 

The E-Tree is a great tool for networking, finding resources and referrals, and discussing issues such as office policies, insurance-related concerns and legislative issues. Please review the following guidelines regarding message content:

• Content is to be directly related to our work as mental health providers 

• Keep messages brief

• Refer members to relevant websites for additional information about trainings, etc

• No virus warnings, jokes, petitions, political endorsements or other mass mailings please

• Maintain a respectful tone towards your colleagues who may hold differing opinions.

Legal and Ethical Considerations 

In order to comply with CAMFTs ethical standards and the laws that govern our profession, it is important to consider the following when posting to the E-Tree.


Any discussion of our professional fees is strictly prohibited per anti-trust laws. References to policies and practices regarding fees are allowable as long as no actual fees are disclosed.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Privacy is a fundamental right of every person who consults with a therapist. The protection and preservation of client confidentiality is one of the most important tenets of our profession. When making a referral or seeking resources for a client or potential client, be careful not to divulge too much identifying information. Ask yourself, If someone knew this person, could they possibly recognize him or her from these details? Less is best when it comes to discussing our cases online. In the context of the E-Tree, gender, approximate age, presenting issue and geographic location are usually enough to give a sense of the client.

Terms of Use 

Adherence to these rules and guidelines is required for members to participate in the E-Tree. 

How do I use the E-Tree?

You can send E-Tree messages by using your own e-mail program and addressing your message to


Replying to a Message 
Replies will go only to the original sender, not to the entire list. 

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